Order cars from Europe and America

Auto Apkopes Serviss offers high quality services for buying cars in Latvia or in other countries. Before the purchase, cars are being checked and road tested. As a result, you get a car, you wished for.

We will help you to certify the car when it has been delivered from the USA, and also help to register in Lithuania. Issued certificates are valid on the whole European Union territory. This gives you rights to register the car in any country within the European Union. EU Certified Laboratories

In Lithuania, it is required to pass the motor vehicle inspection every two years, and the road tax does not exist at all.



Due to the road and weather conditions in Latvia and the condition of roads, cars wear out faster than in Central Europe. That’s why it is better to buy cars in such European countries as Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Holland or Switzerland.



937px-USA_Flag_Map_svg_If you decided to buy a car that was made in USA, the best option would to find it in the United States and bring it to Latvia or Lithuania by ferry. Shipping period would be from four to six weeks.
Besides the transportation expenses, the customs fee of 10% and 21% VAT of the value of the car will be added to the total cost. Additional costs for certification will be considered if the car was producesreleased before year 2000 year. Bringing a car from USA to Lithuania is much more favorable than to Latvia.