Gas system for the Car

 If the price of gasoline is too high and you would like to spend less money on fuel – there is a solution: installation of the gas system on your car. If you have decided to so, you should know the following:

1) Mounting the gas system will result in a disturbance of the original engine management system. Consequences may occur, ex. interruptions in operation of the engine;

2) You will still have to fill the car with gasoline, which is required for engine startup and for the gas system to reach its operating temperature;

3) The gas cylinder brings extra weight for the car – the springs deflect more than usual;

4) Typically, the gas cylinder is mounted in the spare wheel compartment. This means that the spare wheel now will take additional space in the trunk. There is an opportunity to make a cover, so that the spare wheel would not make other things in the trunk or in the passenger compartment dirty;

5) Gas equipment for the direct injection engines is very expensive. This type of cars has burning mixture made by mixing liquid gas to gasoline. It means that your car will consume both natural gas and gasoline. It is better to installing such equipment in case of large car runs;

6) The system does not emit any gas smells – it is sealed;

7) Special gloves are necessary when filling up the gas tank;

8) The engine life does not change when the gas system is used instead of fuel;

9) There will be no need for a more frequent oil change;

10) Careless gas equipment installation will result in a complete engine overhaul in almost all cases. This will significantly increase the cost of repairs.