About Project

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Auto Apkopes Serviss goal is to offer quality services to technical maintenance and motor vehicles repair on the European market. At the initial stage of our development we were specializing on automotive brand SAAB. That required specialized knowledge and practical skills. After just a few years, the owners of other car brands found our car shop started using our services. Our experienced engineers can cope with almost any vehicle defects. “Auto Apkopes Serviss” became successful not only because of the knowledge of our engineers but also the experience gained in working with the SAAB car brand. Our car shop is one of the leaders of the high-quality repairs and maintenance on today’s market.

Auto Apkopes Serviss engineers provide internships to the RTU students using “shoulder to shoulder” teaching method, where students learn practical skills for vehicle maintenance and repairs. We believe that one day, each one of these young technicians will become a professional in the transportation industry!

Author of the Project:

Jānis Baumanis, Master’s degree in Automotive Transport Engineering at Riga Technical University, rtu.lv


Leading specialists:


Andris Strujevičs, Master’s degree in Transport Engineering and Traffic Science at Riga Technical University, rtu.lv


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