reinis zitmanisAuto Apkopes Serviss differs from the other car shops with professional work attitude and special attention to my cars. When I leave my car for the maintenance or repair, I’m always sure that all the work will be performed at the highest level. I advise it to everyone!

Reinis Zitmanis.
Specialist in Information Technology. The owner of the SAAB and Toyota cars. Information:


My Name is Pavel. I got a great opportunity to do internship at Auto Apkopes Serviss Company under great engineers’ supervision. I was a great experience and a lot of fun. We considered interesting situations that allowed me to apply my mechanical engineering knowledge, gained at University of Tennessee in USA, in practice. It included engine disassemble, brake system and chassis repair. Janis is a great teacher and boss. He would never show me the solution of the problem, but instead he would point the direction if I got lost. That helped me to develop my technical and problem solving skills. Also I learned how to use almost every tool in the car shop, which makes me know more qualified and confident. I want to say big Thanks to entire team for providing me with such a quality internship. I think this is a great start for my future career.

Pavel Grigorjev, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga,


Emils RTUIn Auto Apkopes Serviss every task is approached pedantically with responsibilty. Unlike other car services here all work is done in clean, arranged environment which increases productivity and helps to fully concentrate on task. I am lucky that I had an opportunity to learn and practically apply the knowledge on my own car under the guidance of experienced professionals. While observing the work of experts, I learned not only the basics of car repairing but also the abilty to concentrate and focus in moments when it is most necessary, because in this job every detail matters.

Emil Boreiko, Riga Technical University,


Arturs RTU.1From my point of view, Auto Apkopes Serviss are similar to small dealer centre. In front of each issue a serious approach is taken to solve it. Service is operating in very clean environment. No oil drop can appear on the vertical and horizontal service surfaces. Even after the work tools must be washed.

Artur Smirnov, Riga Technical University,


dima-rtuAuto Apkopes Serviss is the place where I like to work, where all tasks have been taken with accountable and serious attitude. In this service all things are considered that may influence the quality of car maintenance. As always in professional environment the working place after work should be left in good order. To increase my practical skills i used my own car. It goes without saying that Janis and Andris are experts in what they do. Furthermore, they helped me with good advice during the maintenance process of car and if necessary then guided through the required activities.
Dmitry Zhukevich, Riga Technical University,